Florence Okwan

Holistic and shamanic therapist


Your welcome to browse the services i offer.  All of these can be done in home visits too, we can discuss a time and day at your convenience.


Monday-Saturday at a time that suits us both for a home visit.

Sunday clinic day- Neals yard Remedies 11-5pm last appointment 5pm.


Reiki is a comforting energetic subtle therapy. It is Universal healing energy which is love that goes where the body needs it.  It can increase emotional strength and stimulate creativity and increase mental clarity. it absolutely has it's own intelligence so the best thing to do is relax and enjoy the feelings and experience.  Each person is different so will experience shifts in their energy system at different degrees, guided by love. 

As a second degree reiki practitioner and working towards my master qualification.  I use reiki to re-align, balance the system, the emotional body and spiritual body. Regular sessions can increase wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety.


Enjoy a cleansing facial using organic skin care products according to your skin type.  I do two cleanses, skin analysis, facial scrub, facial massage, cleansing mask, tone and moisturise.  I also add lymphatic drainage for the face and neck.


Laying crystals on the body is a wonderful treatment for the emotional, physical, spiritual bodies and aura. It is effective in healing and re-aligning the chakras after a person has been through a time of upheaval. 

The crystals are placed on the body along and around the chakras and they work by shifting energy out and by bringing energy in, according to what your system needs at the time.

Clients feel relaxed, at ease and re-energised.


This is a wonderful treatment using the healing power of the plants in the organic essential oils.  I use holistic massage mixed with a combination blend of essential oils related to your emotional, physical and mental state and apply this to your body using rhythmical strokes. Health is restored because stress and anxiety is reduced and the healing plants act on the brain and the systems such as the reproductive system, the immune system, the respiratory system. the endocrine system and skin and balance is restored.

What to expect in a treatment:

 Get ready for a treatment, by lying on the couch in towels. I go through a massage technique using essential oils for your needs,

Clients express feeling relaxed, calm and grounded.


Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that can focus on particular muscle adhesions found all over the body this technique helps to release muscle trauma and tension to relax and stretch the muscles. Slow, deeper pressure is used to work close to the fascia as possible. Elbows, forearms and knuckles are used more than hands or a combination of both. 

What to expect at a treatment:

Feelings of energy release from muscles adhesions being stretched and relaxed, reduced anxiety, and stress reduction.  A feeling of calm from a nurturing touch within the treatment.


This is an Ancient form of healing.  It's roots come form a connection to Mother Earth, Nature and our Ancestors.  It is a true gift to give yourself this level of healing.

What to expect at a treatment:  You lay comfortably on the floor or couch.  Throughout the session, the client feels a deep sense of holding, love and connection to spirit.  This creates the correct environment for your body, mind and spirit to come back to homeostasis and alignment.   Allow a day readjust, relax and give thanks to your higher self.


Reflexology is a system that works on the reflex points on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands.  These points are stimulated which causes the body to relax and release stress, pain and anxiety, throughout the body, it also works through the meridians and unblocks stuck chi.  Allowing the energy and chi to flow resulting in health and vitality. 

What to expect in a treatment: You lay or sit on a couch and I work on the feet.  Clients report feeling good, relaxed rejuvenated and their feet feeling as light as a feather.

Prices for all the treatments: 

 Competitive rates per treatments

45mis, 60mins, 90mins,


Price for Shamanic healing:

These last for 2-3 hours treatment:


Shamanic treatments are done in an alternative therapy rooms in Islington.  Please message or call to discuss details.

Full reiki treatments are done at an Neals yard therapy rooms or as a distant treatment, or home visit.


Start your healing journey for less stress and better health