Florence Okwan

Holistic and shamanic therapist

Together we can put together a treatment just for you, it can be a single modality or a mixture of a few depending on what you need.

Therapeutic treatments:

Massage, Deep tissue, Aromatherapy, MLD, Reiki, Crystal balancing, Shamanic healing and guidance.


To help align the spirit with the soul. To create the correct environment for healing to occur  To bring light into your life.


To empower everyone in their lives.  I like to help people reduce the stress and anxiety from comes from a busy and conflicted life, by re-connecting to the natural world and your personal power.  


I was born in Islington, London to Ghanaian Christian parents, and one of seven children.  

I was drawn to the shamanic path after a life of not fitting in very much and feeling very disorientated.  

The only thing that made me happy was dance.  

Which I started dancing while at school when PE, gym and dance and drama were on the curriculum.  

I loved the Arts; dance, drama and art and still do.  I did contemporary dance, jazz and ballet at evening school at The place in Euston.  I went on to dance college in Leeds.  I have been a professional dancer with an African contemporary dance company (Adzido). I was brought up in the methodist church and being close to Spirit gave me another comfort.  However, I was growing in spirit but there was some strong energy pulling me in different directions making me feel very disorientated. 

Then I met my best friend who encouraged me to try and find a spiritual explanation for my life and soul purpose as she was.  One day looking at the mind body spirit festival line up.  My heart choose a shamanic journeying workshop connect with Mother Earth, nature and our guides and to feed our ancestors.  

This was the start of a relationship that continued and will last throughout my life.   The workshop was really powerful for me. I continued to receive a deep spiritual healing from Jez Hughes of second sight healing and then went on to undertake deeper shamanic initiations to heal myself with advanced shamanic healing protocols to help heal others.  This work  brought me home to myself and my ancestors. I truly know where I belong.  I still undertake further shamanic training and self healing with Jez and other shamanic teachers at a more advanced level until 2019.