Florence Okwan

Holistic and shamanic therapist

Because of the corona virus.  I will only be working online.  I will be doing distant treatments of Reiki and Shamanic healing. I am devising meditation/journeying guided visualisations for healing and guidance for groups and individuals.

Shamanic healing; Clearing of intrusive energy in the body and around you that is causing blocks or pain - restoring power- soul retrieval- ancestral release and healing- protection- psychopump means releasing the soul who has passed on but who is stuck in this world, if it is needed in your family. Finishing with integration which is protection, grounding and recovery.  This can be done distantly. Please see more in services.

Why people come for a shamanic healing: Unexplained anxiety and fear, Feeling fearful of life and in their home, experiences of trauma in their life, accidents, surgery, and physical and emotional pain and unrest, unclear life purpose, feeling like you don't belong in the world, relieving childhood trauma and for unblocking and receiving blessings in your life and work and more.

Relax, restore an​d rejuvenate, find your Path to peace.

Just for today, be happy (reiki precept)

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Florence has been a complimentary therapist since 2017 and started working in Neals Yard therapy rooms Graduate clinic as a therapist doing massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, she is now in their main clinic.   She enjoys healing through her hands through massage.  Her love for energy healing started in her teens but profoundly started in 2014 when she undertook an intense shamanic initiations and advanced healing course.  She is continuing to heal with nature through the plant kingdom and crystals and continues her development.  Her gentle yet strong nature is clear and direct in her healing.